It is the race team’s responsibility to know the rules and to claim the correct weight category.  Please read through the complete rules for your division to know your weight category to claim. Our officials will try to assist you at the pill draw in understanding your weight category.  However, the officials cannot know everything on your car without complete bumper bumper tech.  Our officials are not responsible if a race team is disqualified for claiming the wrong weight category!

Drivers please remember!  We do not recommend modifying your car to another weight category because you believe the other category will have an advantage.  Our goal is to make all categories equal.  If we find one category is dominating, weight and/or spoiler rules will be adjusted to re-equalize the categories!   Corrections/adjustments may be made to the rules if necessary!

All cars must have wrecker hookup.  If any car is damaged by the wrecker because of insufficient wrecker hookup, the track is NOT responsible for the damage!

RACEceiver 1-way Radios Are Required in All Classes!

2019 Late Model Sportsman Rules –

2019 Semi Late Rules –

2019 Modified Rules – We will be running the Mid Atlantic Modified Rules for the May 25th Race  NOTE: Open tire rule tentative; MUST run 8 inch rims       Cars built for Bedford rules are welcome and will also be legal!

2019 Pure Stock Rules –

2019 4 Cylinder Rules –

2019 Enduro Rules –

** Updated rules for the May 25th Modified race will be posted shortly, please refer to the Mid Atlantic Rules at this point and more information will be discussed at the drivers meeting as well we posted here **