The Hesston Revolution …..Race Summary!!!!

Singleton Returns To Hesston Victory Lane

By Terry Whetstone

For immediate release  July 2, 2016

HESSTON, PA – Rick Singleton of Hesston returned to the Super Late Model victory lane at his home track for the first time in 2016 Saturday night, as Hesston Five Star Speedway returned to action after a one week hiatus.

Joining Singleton in victory lane were the following repeat winners: Ralph Morgan Jr. of Mt. Union in the Limited Late Models, Greg “Skip” Moore of Defiance in the Street Stocks, Mike Duck of Hesston in the Pure Stocks and Eric Boozel of McVeytown grabbed his second straight Four Cylinder feature win.

Chuck Clise and Rick Singleton lined up on the front row of the Super Late Model feature which took two tries to get underway. On the initial start, Andy Fries looped his #82 in turn two, bringing out the first yellow and relegating him to the rear. The second try was foiled when Nick Dickson looped his #17 in turn three.

The third try was the charm, as Singleton was able to steal the lead away from Clise, as he led the 25-lapper the whole way, but second place through the field was challenged the whole time, as Clise was second for the opening lap, then Justin Kann took second but he drifted to a stop on lap five, bringing out the third and final caution. Clise then sat second for many laps before Fries worked his way into second a on lap 12, but Clise fought back and regained second on lap 13. Some more door-to-door racing kept the fans on the edge of their seat as Fries help second over Clise, then Dickson moved into second and together with Fries they tried to reel in Singleton, but they could not find the power to get the win. At the waving of Gary Deem’s checkered/American Flag it was Singleton winning over Fries, Dickson, Clise and Waylon Wagner. Singleton and Clise split heat wins.

Rance Garlock beat Brad McGinnis off the line to start the Limited Late Model feature with McGinnis in second and Dillon Stake in third. The top three were joined by Wes Bonebrake but Ralph Morgan Jr. was coming from his 10th starting spot, which he was in due to winning the previous event.

A caution on lap 10 for a spinning Dale Claycomb realigned the field with Garlock still in the lead but Morgan now sitting third. When the green waved, Morgan was able to move into second and then into the lead a lap later. While he was trying to pull away, the fight for second was heating up, as Garlock had the spot, but George Dixon Jr. wanted it. Coming from as far back as fifth after falling back at the start, Dixon was running side-by-side with Garlock for several laps, but when the checkered flag waved, it was Morgan getting the win with Garlock holding off a determined Dixon for second. Dixon, McGinnis and Robbie Black completed the top five. Ralph Morgan Jr. and Robbie Black won the heats.

Bill Henney and Greg Moore led the Street Stocks to the green as Moore took the lead and set the pace. As he led, 10th place starting Ryan Sager was moving to the front, as he was picking off cars lap after lap. As he did that, Moore was still leading the way, as Henney held on to second and the Weyandts were running door-to-door for many laps, Bryan Weyandt Jr. was on the outside while Devin Weyandt was inside. They juggled the position several times before a caution slowed the feature on lap 11. The restart saw Moore hold on for the win over Henney, Devin Weyandt, Cris Edwards from 11th and Sager. Heat wins were split between Greg Moore and Ryan Sager

Alex Boozel and Shawn Shoemaker brought the Pure Stocks to the green flag as Boozel took the lead with Mike Duck pulling into second. The top three, Boozel, Duck and Shoemaker, were running three wide several times, as Duck pulled out in the lead on lap three. A caution flew on lap four and on the restart Duck held onto the lead and was able to put some distance between him and Boozel, who was still fighting to hold off Shoemaker. Mike Benton and Amber Mills got in on the battle but when the race was over it was Duck getting his second win of the season over Boozel, Shoemaker, Benton and Mills. Mike Duck and Brad Benton split heat wins.

Kaili Hockensmith and Thomas Rogers led the Four Cylinders to the start with fifth place starter Chris Anderson leading the first lap, as seventh place starter Eric Boozel moved into second on lap one and the top two pulled away from third place. On lap five, Boozel took the lead and set the pace the rest of the way, with Anderson holding on for second, Kent Leonard was third, Rogers was fourth and Hockensmith was fifth. Eric Boozel and Kent Leonard won the heats.

LAKE SIDE NOTES: 60 cars filled the pits, including: 13 Super Late Models, 13 Limited Late Models, 12 Street Stocks, 11 Pure Stocks and 11 Four Cylinders…A 50/50 was held to raise money for Dirk Robert Leidy, born April 15, 2016 who has a Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrom and Mitral and Aortic Stenosis. He has never been able to leave the hospital. A total of $172 was raised to help with medical expenses…Coming up, the speedway will sit idle on July 9 but will return to action on July 16 with Charlie Walter Jr.  Memorial for the Hobby Stocks. The Limited Late Models, Street Stocks, 4 Cylinders and Pa Mini Stocks will also be in action, with the PaMS getting $300 to win…For more information check out the website at


Super Late Models: 1. Rick Singleton, Hesston; 2. Andy Fries. 3. Nick Dickson, 4. Chuck Clise, 5. Waylon Wagner, 6. Luke Hoffner, 7. Mike Steck, 8. Mike Mort, 9. Justin Kann, 10. Tom Decker, Jr., 11. Tyler Horst, 12. Brad Kling. Travis Cottle did not start.

Limited Late Models: 1. Ralph Morgan Jr., Mount Union; 2. Rance Garlock, 3. George Dixon, Jr., 4. Brad McGinnis, 5. Robbie Black, 6. Dillon Stake, 7. Curtis Heath, 8. Wes Bonebrake, 9. Brad Kling, 10. Rick Lias, 11. Bryan Benton, 12. Ralph Morgan, Sr. 13. Dale Claycomb.

Street Stocks:  1. Greg “Skip” Moore, Defiance; 2. Bill Henney, 3. Devin Weyandt, 4. Cris Edwards, 5. Ryan Sager, 6. Brian Weyandt Jr., 7. Boyd Brode, 8. Ridge Bookwalter, 9. Ronnie Garlock, 10. Mike Desch, 11. Rusty Garlock. Chad Parks did not start.

Pure Stocks: 1. Mike Duck, Hesston, 2. Alex Boozel, 3. Shawn Shoemaker, 4. Mike Benton, 5. Amber Mills, 6. Brandy Mills, 7. Bobby Meirsell, 8. Shawn Fessler, 9. Cody Claycomb, 10. Brad Benton, 11. Willie Ling.

Four Cylinders: 1. Eric Boozel, McVeytown, 2. Chris Anderson, 3. Kent Leonard, 4. Thomas Rogers, 5. Kaili Hockensnith, 6. T.J. Taylor, 7. Shawn Miller. Mike Potter, Zach Wissinger, John Costa and Jack Theys did not start.