Hesston Fivestar Speedway – Race Summary June 18th


By Terry Whetstone

For immediate release     June 18, 2016

HESSTON, PA – The Hesston Five Star Speedway presented its four racing program in just 15 days on Saturday night and produced several first time winners on the season.

Nick Dickson of Lewistown picked up the Super Late Model win, Ralph Morgan Jr. of Mt. Union copped the Limited Late Model feature, Ryan Sager of Huntingdon won the Street Stock feature, Young Amber Mills of Hesston won the Hobby/Pure Stock main and Eric Boozle of McVeytown picked up the win in the Roadrunner/Four Cylinder main.

Some hard racing and mechanical problems with Super Late Models kept the car count down, but the action was still fast and furious as Justin Kann and Nick Dickson led the field to the start, with Dickson taking the lead. Kann fell to second and a lap later Waylon Wagner took second and set his sights on the leader. While Dickson still lead, the race to watch was for second, as Andy Fries now moved into runner up spot around Wagner, but the battle was still on, as Dickson still led, Fries was now taking his shot at the leader, but Kann was happy with third, he battled back to regain second place, and when Gary Deem waved the checkered flag, it was all Dickson winning for the first time in over a year at Hesston over Kann, Fries, Tom Decker and Mike Mort. Waylon Wagner won the heat race.

The Limited Late Models saw Brad Kling and Ralph Morgan Jr. on the front row, as Morgan took the lead at the start and set the pace the entire 20 lap distance, however he had to contend with Rance Garlock and Dillon Stake as they shared second spot most of the race, swapping it back and forth several times a lap, Eric Irvin and Curtis Heath also got into the battle, but when the checkered flag waved it was Morgan getting another win on the season over Stake, Garlock, Irvin from 10th and Heath. Heat wins were split between Brad Kling and Ralph Morgan Jr.

The Street Stock feature saw Bill Henney and Ryan Sager lead the field to the green with Henney leading the way on the opening lap, then Sager was able to find his groove and take the lead. While he was leading, Greg Moore was making three and sometimes four wide passes as he tried to get to the front of the field. As he did that, Sager continued to set the pace with Henney still in second. Boyd Brode was running third much of the race before a bobble cost him a few positions late in the race. At the end of the 15-laps it was Sager getting his first Hesston Speedway win in more than two years over Henney, Moore, Dave Brown and Brode. Heat wins were split between Bill Henney and Ryan Sager.

In Hobby action Amber Mills and Brad Benton led the field to the green flag as Mills took the lead and brought her dad, Mike Duck along into second. They were running nose-to-tail and door to door several laps, when Duck took the lead on lap seven by a nose over Mills at the line. Mills regained the lead in turn one as Alex Boozel was making his way from ninth toward the front.

A red flag on lap 11 halted the action as the ambulance had to leave the grounds with a spectator. When the action resumed Mills was still in the lead, but Boozel was able to force his way into second and chase down Mills, but catching her and passing were two completely different tasks, as Boozel could not find the power to take the over the lead as the young lady picked up her second career win and first of the season. The top five were: Mills, Boozel, Duck, Benton and Mike Benton. The heats were won by Eric Boozel and Mike Duck.

Eric Boozel beat Justin Williamson off the line to start the Four Cylinder/Roadrunner feature, and he lead the 12-lapper the whole way, as Williamson dropped out and Wayne Brenzie assumed second spot for good once Chris Anderson dropped out. At the line it was Boozel getting the win over Brenzie, Kent Leonard, Phil Best and Anderson. Justin Williamson and Wayne Brenzie won the heats.

LAKESIDE NOTES: 54 cars filled the pits including: Nine Super Late Models, 14 Limited Late Models, 10 Street Stocks, nine Hobby/Pure Stocks and 12 Four Cylinder/Roadrunners…this Saturday there is no racing action but the second annual Interstate Truck and Tractor Pullers Association will be in town as the pulls rev up….Coming on July 2 is The Hesston Revolution – Super Late Models $1,500 to Win plus the Limited Late Model, Street Stocks, Hobby Stocks and 4 Cylinders with race time set for 7 p.m. For more information check us out on line at http://hesstonspeedway.com.


Super Late Models: 1. Nick Dickson, Lewistown, 2. Justin Kann, 3. Andy Fries, 4. Tom Decker Jr, 5. Mike Mort, 6. Tyler Horst, 7. Waylon Wagner, 8. Donnie Farling.

Tim Brindle did not start.

Limited Late Models: 1. Ralph Morgan Jr., Mt. Union, 2. Dillon Stake, 3. Rance Garlock, 4. Eric Irvin, 5. Curtis Heath, 6. Ronnie Bottenfield, 7. Daulton Bigler, 8. Brad Kling, 9. Tayler Farling, 10. Mike Shoemaker, 11. Bryan Benton, 12. Brad McGinnis, 13. Wes Bonebrake,

Tom Decker did not start.

 Street Stocks: 1. Ryan Sager, Huntingdon, 2. Bill Henney, 3. Greg Moore, 4. Dave Brown, 5. Boyd Brode, 6. Devin Weyandt, 7. Cris Edwards, 8. Ronnie Garlock, 9. Ridge Bookwalter, 10. Mike Desch.

 Hobby/Pure Stocks: 1. Amber Mills, Hesston, 2.Alex Boozel, 3. Mike Duck, 4. Brad Benton, 5. Mike Benton, 6. Willie Ling, 7. Roy McCabe, 8. Eric Weyandt, 9. Brandie Mills.

 Four Cylinders: 1. Eric Boozel, McVeytown, 2. Wayne Brenzie, 3. Kent Leonard, 4. Phil Best, 5. Chris Anderson, 6. Shawn Miller, 7. Dave Gonsman, 8. Curtis Hardy, 9. Josh Fetters, 10. Justin Williamson.

Dylan Allen and Kevin Bookwalter did not start.