Charles Walter Jr Memorial – July 18th


By Terry Whetstone

For immediate release   July 16, 2016

HESSTON, PA – George Dixon of Hesston returned to the winners circle at Hesston Five Star Speedway for the first time in about three years Saturday after he copped the Limited Late Model feature. Alex Boozel of Mount Union picked up the win in the Charlie Walter Memorial Race for the Pure Stocks.

Other winners include Ryan Sager of Huntingdon in the Street Stocks, Chris Anderson of Rockhill won the Roadrunner/Four Cylinder feature and Gary Newell won the Pennsylvania Mini Stock feature.

The Limited Late Models were led to Gary Deems green flag by Kadden Smith and Matt Nailer, with Smith taking the lead and Nailer sitting in second. While they were leading, George Dixon Jr. who started sixth was falling back in the 25-car field, as the first half of the race was plagued with cautions.

On the lap four restart, Smith lost the lead to Nailer, who took the lead, but Smith wasn’t giving up without a fight. He ran with Nailer several laps, while fourth place starter Jake Jones was moving towards the front, as was Dixon. As the 20-lapper continued, Smith was falling back as his tires went away, but Jones and Dixon were still moving to the front.

On lap 43, Jones was able to take the lead away from Nailer and Dixon took second one lap later and set his sights on Jones. Dixon had the #77 hooked up and flying, as he reeled in Jones and took the lead on with an inside turn four pass on lap 17. Once he had the lead, Dixon began to open a slight advantage as he took the win, his first since the track had its last race under the late Dave Eriksen. Jones was second, Rance Garlock was third, Nailer was fourth and Robbie Black was fifth. In a post-race weigh-in, Nailer was under weight and was disqualified, thus moving Daulton Bigler into the fifth spot. The four heat wins went to Ralph Morgan Jr., Rance Garlock, Jake Jones and Robbie Black.

The Hobby/Pure Stocks were in the spotlight for the second running of the Charlie Walter Memorial. The race is held as a tribute to Walters were was killed in a highway accident in the off season a few years ago.

Brandie Mills and Alex Boozel led the field to the green flag with Mills taking the lead holding it until lap five when the first caution waved. On the restart, Boozel was able to pull a head of Mills and take the lead. He set the pace the rest of the way, but he wasn’t given the win.

Mike Duck came from 10th and was able to take second from Mills on lap seven, but she was holding tough and sat in third as Duck and Boozel battled for the lead. Then on lap 21 Mills looped the #73B and had to tail the field, but she was a persistent one and battled back to third behind Boozel and Duck, but Duck lost an engine on lap 32, ending his night. Boozel them held off Mills the rest of the way to get the win. Mills was second, Willie Ling was third, Norris was fourth and Joe Dearmitt was fifth. In the post-race tech, Ling was disqualified and that moved Mike Benton into the fifth spot. Heat wins went to Amber Mills and Mike Duck.

The Street Stocks saw Chris Heller and Ryan Sager on the front row, with Sager taking the lead at the start and setting the pace. He led the event from greet to checkered with Devin Weyandt, Boyd Brode and Cris Edwards all giving chase, but Sager was able to hold on for the win over Edwards, Greg Moore, Brode and Ridge Bookwalter completing the top five. Heat wins went to Greg Moore and Cris Edwards.

The Roadrunners/Four Cylinders ran just a feature and Kent Leonard beat Thomas Rogers off the line to lead the first two laps, before Chris Anderson took the lead on lap three and went on to get the win over Leonard, Justin Williamson, Rogers and Shawn Miller.

The PA Mini Stocks took to the track with only seven cars on hand. Gary Newell took the lead at the start and set the pace for 14 laps before Frankie Gordon was able to use the outside line to take the lead and win on the final lap. At the post-race tech, Gordon and Brandon Serber were disqualified. The top five were: Gary Newell, Tony Hampton, D.J. Keefer, Eric Selbert and Tyler Kirby. The heat was won by Gordon.

PIT NOTES: 68 cars filled the pits, including: 26 Limited Late Models, 14 Street Stocks, 12 Hobby/Pure Stocks, 6 Roadrunners/Four Cylinders and 10 PAMS, but three were ineligible to race due to being illegal…There was a rain delay that lasted about 75-minutes…There is no racing on July 23, the next event is July 30 and it will feature the Spectacular Limited Late Model Special along with Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, Four Cylinders and the return of the RaceSaver 305 Sprints. Gates open at 3 and racing gets under way at 6:30. For more information, check us out online at



Limited Late Models: 1. George Dixon Jr., Hesston; 2. Jake Jones, 3. Rance Garlock, 4. Robbie Black, 5. Daulton Bigler, 6. Dillon Stake, 7. Donnie Farling, 8. Curtis Heath, 9. Ralph Morgan Jr., 10. Brad McGinnis, 11. Kadden Smith, 12. Nathan LaSalle, 13. Eric Irvin, 14. Taylor Farling, 15. Rick Tripodi, 16. Bryan Benton, 17. Eric Holter, 18. Jason Peachy, 19. Zach Price, 20. Dan Sollers, 21. Dale Claycomb, Jr., 22. Cameron Benyou, 23. Ronnie Bottenfield, 24. Brad Long.

Cody Buterbaugh, did not start and Matt Nailer, disqualified.

Street Stocks: 1. Ryan Sager, Huntingdon, 2. Cris Edwards, Jr. 3. Greg More, 4. Boyd Brode, 5. Ridge Bookwalter, 6. Jim Palm, 7. Chris Heller, 8. Ronnie Garlock, 9. Shane Seville, 10. Devin Weyandt, 11. Rusty Garlock, 12. Bill Henney.

Jasen Geessaman and Chris Derr did not start.


Charlie Walter Memorial for Pure Stocks: 1. Alex Boozel, Mount Union, 2. Brandie Mills, 3. Terry Norris, 4. Joe Dearmitt, 5. Mike Benton, 6. Mike Duck, 7. Amber Mills, 8. Shawn Shoemaker, 9. Jim Dearmitt. 10. Kyle Weyandt, 11. Cody Claycomb.

Willie Ling, disqualified.


Roadrunners/Four Cylinders: 1. Chris Anderson, Rockhill; 2. Kent Leonard, 3. Justin Williamson, 4. Thomas Rogers, 5. Shawn Miller.

Raymond Hardy did not start.

PAMS: 1. Gary Newell, 2. Tony Hampton, 3. DJ Keefer, 4. Eric Selbert, 5. Tyler Kirby

Frankie Gordon and Brandon Serber, disquialfied.