Motorsports marketing is the best way to reach your target audience of customers!  Advertisers at the Hesston Speedway are virtually guaranteed that the thousands of people in attendance will receive their message…..repeatedly!   Unlike mainstream media where the customer can easily change the channel or turn the page and totally miss the advertising, the various forms of sponsorship marketing available at Hesston Speedway are loud and clear, continuous and cannot be turned off!  Additionally, the people are hearing the advertisers message WHILE enjoying one of their favorite past times, giving the advertisers an automatic favorable impression with the customers!

Hesston Speedway is located in a great high-traffic area.   It is less than 5 miles across the road from the Raystown Lake Seven Points Marina area, Hesston Speedway host tens of thousands of fans each season from throughout the multi-state region!

Hesston Speedway has multiple, affordable advertising and marketing options for area businesses.  Various programs give the advertisers different intensities that fit their budget and need for exposure.  Advertisers also receive special VIP perks at Hesston Speedway events. The Hesston Speedway website generates over 60,000 unique daily hits during the year and all sponsors receive logo links on this direct connection to your business!

To learn more about this exciting opportunity to make your business ZOOM, contact:
R & B Motor Sports LLC @ 814 928 4959

Discount for Multiple Sponsorship Program Purchases!

Division Sponsorship

Your Company can become the title sponsor of any division competing at Hesston Speedway for the entire season!

  • Sponsor logo advertising in Hesston Speedway print ads and flyers when space allows.
  • All division sponsors receive repeating announcements during each race night.
  • Hesston Speedway will be happy to assist the sponsor with any coupon or product distribution at multiple events.
  • Sponsors will receive multiple logo links on the Hesston Speedway website.
  • Sponsor name and information will appear in all Hesston Speedway result press releases.
  • Sponsor receives FREE passes to specified event(s).

Super Late Model or Semi-Late Model Sportsman $1,500
Street Stock, Modified, 305s  $1,000
Enduro / Other $750 


Event Sponsorships
One of our premium sponsorship packages.  The entire event will rotate around your business!

  • Primary sponsor’s name will be part of the event title and logo will appear foremost on all advertising for the race.
  • Sponsors will receive repeating announcements through the night.
  • Hesston Speedway will assist the sponsor with any coupon or product distribution at the event.
  • Sponsors will receive logo link on the Hesston Speedway website.
  • Sponsors name and information will appear in all press releases for the event.
  • Sponsors will receive FREE passes for the event.

Regular Race Night Primary Sponsorship   $2,000
Mega-Event Primary Sponsorship  $4,000


Billboard Advertising
Hesston Speedway will have a sign professionally produced with your business logo and message and placed in an area of high visibility for the entire season for both spectators and competitors. 

  • All signs include announcements during each event.
  • All signs include sponsor link with logos on the track website.
  • 4×4 billboard sponsor receives 
  • Sponsor receives FREE passes to specified event!

New or Reconditioned Billboards:

Standard Billboard Sign (4’ x 4’) $250.00/year including sign construction.

Mega-Billboard Sign (4’x8’) $500.00/year including sign construction.

Prices are for the full season!